A collection inspired by the imagination and creativity of children!
Spending time alone has sparked the imagination, we’ve had to get sociable with the things around us, fruit became friends, seashells our buddies, sunset’s and starry nights never looked so good! We can’t wait to get together with our friends, to share our daydreams of the everyday world around us! So come to our festival, all you need to bring is your Imagination.

Everything in the SS22 collection is made from either Organic cotton or recycled fabrics, we continue to develop our eco printing methods, helping conserve water and reduce harmful chemical polluting our planet.


SPLASH - New Rainbow Sunnies UV Rash Top


SURF - New Pink Cherries UV Rash Suit


SQUIRT - New Pink Cherries UV Sun Hat


SPLASH - New Pink Cherries UV Rash Top


SURF - New Rainbow Sunnies UV Rash Suit


SQUIRT - New Rainbow Sunnies UV Sun Hat


SPRAY - New Rainbow Sunnies UV Swim Shorts


SOAK - New Pink Cherries UV Swim Knickers


SEASIDE - New Pink Cherries Frill UV Swimsuit