Adventure Books for Kids

by The Bonniemob on September 20, 2016

We are ALL about adventure here at The Bonnie mob, den building, the outdoors, nature loving and all things that encourage kids to use their imagination and using their skills. Kids growing up before the 90's had a lot more boredom time to deal with and reading about adventures could be just as exciting as actually being in one! 

If you want your kids to get into the spirit of adventure, get them reading these all-time classic kids adventure stories...

Best kids adventure books - swallows and amazons

1. Swallow and Amazons, Arther Ransome, 1930

A series of books recently made into a feature film, is a story about The Walker children - Captain John, Mate Susan, Able-Seaman Titty, and Ship's Boy Roger. They all set sail on the Swallow to reach Wild Cat Island. This is where kids imaginations come alive as they camp under the stars, swim in clear water and fish for dinner. Obviously, it's not plain sailing and with struggles come the adventures.

 One of the absolute classic choices for timeless adventure stories and of course, the film is sure to be brilliant too. It stars a host of stars including Harry Enfield, Kelly MacDonald and Rafe Spell. Get watching/reading now!

2. The Famous Five Collection, Enid Blyton.

Famous Five - Kids Classic Adventure Books

There are 22 books in this ever popular series which has never been out of print since the first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was published in 1942. It follows the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina (George) – and their dog Timmy. Once school kicks out and the kids all join up from their prospective boarding schools, this is when the adventure begins. Each title throws up some baddies, various secret passages and of course the use of the children's wit and courage to battle through each adventure successfully! 

Another must read for adventure enthusiasts.

3. The Jungle Book Collection, Rudyard Kipling 1894.

Jungle Book - great kids adventure tales


Wow. It shows that a real adventure story can travel through the generations and these absolute corker is been in children's minds since 1894! We've all read various versions and seen films of this one. But the stories of Mowgli and the jungle are based upon Rudyard Kiplings childhood growing up in India. All the characters are rich with moral messages and some might say that he was attempting to interpret the societies and politics of his time. Regardless of bigger messages, the kids always have and will time and time again enjoy the vibrancy of Mowgli's adventures in the rich and abundant Indian Jungle, a great way for kids to get the taste for travel and the exotic as well.

The current film boasts a huge array of stars - Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba and Ben Kingsley just to name a few!

That should be a good start to get those adventure mob kids excited!

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