by The Bonniemob on August 30, 2019

bobux x bonniemob

We love collaborating with brands who share a similar ethos to us. Magical things often happen when two creative forces come together. That’s why we are so excited to introduce our first collection of infant shoes, designed and made with the brilliant New Zealand-based footwear brand Bobux.

We’re huge fans of Bobux for so many reasons. Their podiatrist-approved and award-winning shoes are super lightweight and allow your little one’s feet to move naturally. And like us, their designs are innovative and made to stand the test of time.

It was a joy to create a mini collection with them and with themes of peace, love, and pandas, the styles we created go perfectly with our AW19 collection, IMAGINE.

To find out more, read our bite-sized interviews with Nicola Williamson, Lead Designer at Bobux and our founder Tracey Samuel below…

bobux shoes lead designer, nicola williamson


Why did you want to collaborate with The bonnie mob?  

We love collaborating with like-minded brands and felt given The bonnie mob is also founded on family values and has a design ethos of letting kids be kids, they’d be a great fit. The fun-loving style of The bonnie mob aligns perfectly with the Bobux Soft Sole aesthetic. The bonnie mob’s styling is simply joyous and so it was a great opportunity for two brands to bring their creative genius together and deliver the world of peace, love and pandas to the soles of newborns and pre-walkers around the world.

How were the shoes in this collection crafted? 

The shoes in this collection were crafted using our heritage patterns we are renowned for – by developing beautiful and quality leathers fit to support babies’ delicate feet in their development. The bonnie mob design aesthetics worked seamlessly with the craft of our shoes.

milk rainbow baby soft sole shoes bobux x bonnie mob collab

IMAGINE RAINBOWS soft sole baby shoe

What is the fit like and do they have any special features? 

The genius of a Bobux Soft Sole is in its simplicity – made from a suede sole and an unlined leather upper, making them incredibly soft and comfortable on little feet.

The porous nature of leather and suede means they effectively wick away moisture, allowing growing feet to breathe. The two materials are also renowned for their flexibility, able to be twisted, scrunched up and flexed. The suede sole is naturally fibrous, providing a natural grip for babies to navigate indoor surfaces.

Elasticated ankles means they’re easy to put on squirming feet and they stay on. An innovative internal seam was developed to achieve the most comfortable fit possible.

pink panda soft sole baby shoes bobux x bonniemob

PEACE PANDA soft sole baby shoe

What makes them so good for little ones’ feet? 

Babies’ feet are so pliable that even tight-fitting socks can stifle their development – let alone restrictive shoes. Bobux Soft Sole shoes are made from artisanal leather that moves like a second skin on their delicate feet. With that natural flexibility, babies’ feet are free to bend and move like they would barefoot, and their legs can kick without any added weight on their feet.

What's your favourite design and why? 

My favourite design of the collection is the Imagine RAINBOW Soft Sole. The rainbow is a recognisable and fun illustration which also represents a key moment of what is happening in the world in regards to Pride. The rainbow shares a strong message and a positive shift in the way love is viewed globally.

rainbow soft sole baby shoe bobux x bonnie mob collab

IMAGINE RAINBOWS soft sole baby shoe

Tracey Samuel bonnie mob designer and founder


Why did you want to collaborate with Bobux?  

When we were looking for a footwear brand to collaborate with, Bobux was our first choice! The playful style of The bonnie mob aligns perfectly with the Bobux Soft Sole aesthetic, which encourage kids to be play freely. With a combined history of 40 years in the childrenswear industry, the collaboration perfectly captures the companies’ shared values of family, craftsmanship, technical innovation and quality.

What was your design process?

The collaboration designs were very much inspired by our AW19 collection, IMAGINE, reflecting the themes of peace, love, and pandas. I was inspired while on a family trip to New York during a stroll through Strawberry Fields in Central Park. It sparked my imagination and a newfound fascination for John Lennon. When I came home to our studio in Brighton I found myself listening to the song Imagine on repeat – it’s just a song, a lyric, but those timeless words seem more relevant today than ever before! Our AW19 collection embodies that sentiment.

milk notes print soft sole baby shoes bobux x bonniemob


How do the designs fit into The bonnie mob AW19 collection?

The collaboration is made up of three different designs that come in several colour ways (grey, navy, pink beige and milk) from The bonnie mob’s AW19 colour palette. With musical notes, rainbows and pandas, each soft sole has been designed to perfectly complement outfits from our new collection. Combined, they make a great gift. 

blue panda baby outfit bobux x bonnie mob collab

BEATLES playsuit, PEACE PANDA soft sole baby shoe

What makes the collection so special?

Working with Bobux’s classic soft sole pattern, we have created a range of limited edition baby shoes that engage young imaginations and comfort little feet, while giving them full freedom of movement. Both Bobux and The bonnie mob believe in quality and these designs have been made to last. 

What's your favourite design and why? 

My favourite Soft Sole design is the super cute PEACE PANDA. The engaging, tactile design gives little ones a shoe to play with – I just love to see a baby playing with their feet and giggling! The panda forms the core of our AW19 collection, it’s such a peaceful animal, and always makes me smile. 

grey rainbow panda soft sole baby shoe bobux x bonniemob

PEACE PANDA soft sole baby shoes


Imagine rainbow soft sole baby shoes bobux x bonniemob milk rainbow soft sole baby shoes bonniemob x bobux

music note soft sole baby shoes bobux x bonniemob navy soft sole baby shoes music note design

pink panda soft sole baby shoes bobux x bonniemob grey rainbow panda baby shoes bobux x bonnie mob navy panda baby shoes bobux x bonniemob