Feature Mum - Sophie Robinson

by The Bonniemob on October 29, 2015

This week, we are blessed to have been allowed to peer into the mind of interior stylist, journalist and most recently host of The Great Interior Design Challenge, Sophie Robinson. She's a Brighton mum who we can relate to, she loves colour, she's a designer and she's currently raising her son, Arthur, now 4 years old. Obsessed with interior design from a young age, she constantly re-arranged the furniture in her doll’s house and had a big say in how her bedroom was decorated. She remembers at 7 years old, pulling off a bold multi-coloured rainbow theme – not a lot has changed since! We are all for kids experimenting with colour to enrich their lives and hope that this seasons collection helps them do this.

Here is what Sophie shared with us at the Bonnie mob.

  1. What makes you smile?- The stuff Arthur comes out with is just hilarious! Four is a really golden age as they’re absorbing and evaluating everything around them. I’m getting loads of cuddles and kisses and ‘Mummy I love you more than a mountain’ loveliness, that I’m just grinning from ear to ear most of the time!
  2. Top kids interiors look of the season? - Pastels continue to be a hot trend in interior design and I think they are ideal choice for children's rooms, as they are gentle and calming too. My tip is to use the coolest pastel shade right now, pale pink, and team it with concrete grey and copper accessories for a modern look. A pop of neon yellow or pink is always a good addition as well, to stop it looking to babyish.
  3. What will you be doing with your kid this month? - Arthur and I enjoy our ‘brain-storming’ sessions. We take a blank piece of paper and both take it in turns to jot ideas of what we want to do today/after school. I do little sketches to illustrate the ideas as Arthur can’t read yet. Absolutely anything goes, trips to the moon, cushion fights, watching a film, relaxing on the sofa etc. We then put a tick next to it if Arthur wants to do it and/or I want to do it. Two ticks mean we’re in agreement and we choose it as our thing to do that day. Its a really fun way in making children come up with their own creative ideas and I find he’d even more enthusiastic about doing something if its his own idea. Today we are going for a trip in the park after school and then home for a chocolate biscuit.
    Sophie and Arthur Brainstorm to make their days plans!
  4. Soundtrack to your year so far? - Arthur and I are dipping our toes into Classical. Its totally instigated by him, he loves Classic FM!
  5. Favourite books, kids and mums? - After a trip to the Highlands, I was recommended the Katie Morag Island stories. Arthur loves them and they’re a lovely slow read before bed. Arthur goes to the Dharma School in Brighton so I’m brushing up on my Buddhism. I’ve just finished the most inspirational book, Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hahn. I really recommend it!
    All dressed up in Amos Hat, Addie Cardigan and Ackie Scarf...cute!
  6. Where will you be spending hols? - We have just had an offer accepted to buy a house in the countryside with 5 acres. It needs some serious renovation too. So we’re are resigned to the fact that we won’t be planning any exciting holidays in the next couple of years. However we are really looking forward to inviting our friends over for Camping weekends. Arthur and his friends love camping so I’m sure we’ll put our Bell tent up at the beginning of the summer and rarely take it down!
  7. What's your top mum tip? - There’s a beautiful Poem called ‘Slow Down Mummy’ by R. Knight. It about stopping and being in the moment with your child, and getting on their wavelength, which is really hard to do sometimes with all the pressures modern motherhood brings. I have it printed out and posted above my desk to remind me that the most important thing to me is spending slow time with my family.
  8. What can't you live without? My husband bought me a cashmere sweater for my birthday recently. Its the first one I’ve ever owned and I can’t take it off!

We will certainly be tapping Sophie for her design expertise via her new blog and looking out for her in the next series of The Great Interior Design Challenge in the new year. Meanwhile, here are her top picks of The bonnie mob Autumn Winter collection 2015:

sophie's choice of bonniemob outfits