by The Bonniemob on November 23, 2017

We are super pleased this Thanksgiving week to have a little insight into one of our US stockists, the lovely Bianca Morales of Dreams of Cuteness! Using a business model built on the idea of giving something back instead of purely on profit, former attorney, Bianca, created the supremely lovable concept of 'Bebox': A collection of perfectly curated essentials for newborn babies, buy this gorgeous box and Dreams of Cuteness will give a box to a family in need. A simple and heart warming idea that we love. We managed to pin down Bianca to find out more.

Dreams of Cuteness

What inspired you to start your Bebox idea?

I read a book by the founder of TOMS shoes about socially conscious entrepreneurship. The main idea was that business can have a greater purpose than purely for profit. I loved this concept and created the Bebox with this in mind. When I was pregnant I wished that someone would have given me a gift that had everything I needed for when the baby arrived. Once I became a mom I began putting together gifts for new mom friends and family with hand-picked favourites and must haves. The Bebox is a better version of what I had already been doing for personal gifts. It is a complete gift for new moms that is filled my favourite baby essentials - think of it as a luxe survival kit from an experienced mom. The best part is that when one is purchased we give another to a family in need, which our customers and Bebox recipients really love.

What are you most proud of when you are thinking about the people that you have helped?

I think that we all want to leave the world at least a little better than we found it. One person cannot fix all the problems in the world,​ but change doesn't only come from huge endeavors. Many times it is the little things that give someone who is struggling the encouragement and hope that keeps them going and moving forward. I believe that each Bebox truly makes a difference to the person receiving it. It shows our families in a tangible way that there are people that care about them. Helping a parent provide for their child when they can’t do it alone is really something special. I can't imagine anything that would mean more to me if I was in that position; being able to ease the burden on families in need - even just a little bit- is something that makes me incredibly proud. 

What do you look for when you are curating your Bebox?

I look for style, function and comfort. In terms of baby clothing and accessories I am always searching for things that will not only look beautiful, but will also feel good to the baby. It’s also important to me that things are practical for parents. I have been through those rough first few months (several times!). I know what it feels like to be a sleep deprived parent trying to change my baby in the middle of the night. So I like to include things that make life a little easier. For many parents, the things they receive in the Bebox become favourites. 

Dreams of Cuteness
Shop the look: Left - Tobias snood, Mega jacket, Smartie jeans. Right - Titan poncho
You have 3 children as well! Can you tell us about the realities of running a successful business and a household…

Ah, the realities are messy and beautiful. The biggest perk of running my own business is that I do get to be with my children; I get to go to holiday lunches at school, drop them off and pick them up daily, make dinner, put them to bed etc. When I get up in the morning, ​I usually take a quick peek at my email for any urgent matters. My husband and I do our morning routine together ending with dropping the kids are at school. After this is when I get in the bulk of my workday at my home office. I sneak in a lunch date with my husband or my friends here and there. The afternoon is a blur of after school activities, snacks, dinnertime, bath time & bedtime. After everyone is snug in bed I get in my last couple hours of work which might end at 10:00 pm or 2:00 am depending on the day. So the reality is that I am going pretty much from the second I wake up until the moment my head hits the pillow - but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.    

dreams of cuteness and bonnie mob tiger kids clothes

Shop the look: Left - Tobias snoodMega jacketSmartie jeans. Right - Titan poncho

What do you and your family all do for fun? 

We really love being together- I hope that never changes as the kids get older. On weekends we like to take it easy because our weekdays are so busy. We cook together, eat together, go to the park, snuggle up and watch movies. When we are able to make the time, we love to travel. We probably go on 3-4 trips a year, one of which is usually international. Discovering new places with the kids is one of my personal favorite things to do for fun; that being said, for us, there's no place like home. 

What are your favourite baby essential items you couldn’t live without?

Bodysuits and rompers - plenty of them! A one piece that you don't have to think about matching is an everyday must. A lightweight cotton swaddle blanket and also a thicker, warm blanket because I swear that babies fall asleep more easily in the right blanket. A great sleep gown- I am pretty obsessed with the sleep gown in our Essential Bebox. It has a bottom pocket that flips around to cover baby's feet and snaps on with just one button so it is really easy to use in the middle of those sleepless nights I mentioned and keeps baby's little feet from slipping out and freezing. And I cannot forget the Nose Frida - I love that thing. It is a lifesaver especially in the those first few months. 

What does a Thanks Giving celebration look like for you and your family?

Thanksgiving is probably tied for first place as my favorite holiday. Our family meets in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There are usually about 20 or more adults made up of aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins, friends and all the children that come along with them (probably about 15 or so). We have a big sit down dinner made by the matriarchs of the family with a few contributions from the next generation. One of the unique things is we have a special guest each year. Our Thanksgiving hostess teaches at a university and she invites a visiting student to participate in this American tradition with us. The kids also do a talent show which involves anything from singing or playing an instrument to even a little breakdancing we were surprised with last year. To sum it up our day is filled with food, wine, laughter and music. It is pretty much the best. 

dreams of cuteness bonnie mob stockist

Shop the look: Left - Robin tiger playsuit. Right - Tobias snood, Mega jacket, Smartie Jeans

What are your top tips for juggling a work life balance?

Whatever the task at hand is, focus on it 100%. It’s easy to try to do a million things at once when working and taking care of your family and feel like you are failing at all of it. So I try to set a loose schedule of what my day will look like and stick to it. When I am working, I don't worry about the house or what I'm making for dinner. When spending time with the kids I avoid checking email​s and focus entirely on them. I find that I accomplish more in terms of work this way and that the time spent with my family is more valuable when I am not distracted. And don't forget to carve out a little time where you give 100% to you - a little bit goes a really long way. 

What are your hopes for Dreams of Cuteness for the future?

It’s a pretty amazing thing to be even the tiniest part of our customers lives; to connect in person and on social media and see all the children who get to wear our clothes and use our other products. We are currently only shipping to the US and Canada, but in 2018 we plan to go worldwide which is really exciting! ​ I hope Dreams of Cuteness will continue to grow our community of little dreamers, as we like to call our customers, so that we can touch the lives of more and more people and keep spreading love to those in need.  

What makes you smile?

My husband, my children, my friends; I’m pretty lucky to be surrounded by people who love and support me and fill my days with laughter.


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