Funk the Family Festival, what a day!

by The Bonniemob on June 01, 2015

The sun came out, the families arrived and team Funk The Family saw their hard work unfold and blossom before their eyes. The one-day family festival in Hove Park, Brighton was a huge success!

We were there, introducing our new rebrand 'The bonnie mob' and explaining that Bonnie baby has grown up and now goes up to age 7! So to get to know all our local fans, we set up a 'TAG YOUR OWN T-SHIRT' tent, and saw some of Brighton and Hove's finest Mini graffiti artists come to paint a fluo T-shirt and join our new mob.

funk the family t-shirt painting for kids from the bonneimob
My 2 amazing helpers!, made sure we were all set up and ready to go when the festival opened at 11am.

t-shirt painting from the bonniemob at funk the family festivalWhen the mini artists arrived things started to get messy, the Dads got involved, and we had lots more mess! And fun, and colour amazing designs.....and then the crowds appeared and we were sooooo busy....We tagged and fingerprinted, and painted and stencilled from 11.30 right through till 7.30 in the evening!

funk the family t-shirt painting for kids from the bonniemob

Here's some of our mini graffiti artists showing off their amazing designs; For those of you who made a masterpiece thank you so much, it was a pleasure meeting so many creative kids and parents. So what about the festival? i just wish i had more time to enjoy it, there was Circus training, Lucy's little forest school, the Outdoors Project, mini silent disco, the Club Tropicana DJ Bar  and so much more... check out some great pics like these below from Chris Quigley at from the lovely Helen Farquharson

funk the family festival 2015 brighton

The truth is, the bonnie mob was mobbed!!! Despite wanting to enjoy the festival to its full and report back to you with a full round up of the events, I just didn’t have time, we were painting and tagging from 11.30 till 7.30.

But for a full report through the eyes of Bella, who truly tried and tested the festival, including painting her own Bonnie mob masterpiece! Head over to for a fantastic festival report

For more info on the festival go to