Happy Fathers Day! Meet our favourite dads who share...

by The Bonniemob on June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's in our lives! To celebrate all things DAD, we thought we'd give a shout out to our favourite 'social' dads. Move over's the Social Dads that are taking over with their dad humour, dad wardrobes and embarrassing dad jokes. All hail the Dads.

Fathers Inc

Not strictly 1 dad but a blogzine created the clever Molly Gunn (Selfish Mother). Mums get their say so why not let the Dads have a go too. A collection of articles exploring fatherhood from everyday folk with clever writing skills. Hilarious reads from the fathers perspective, makes for great reading for Mums too, you never know, we might learn a thing or two! 


Father of Daughters

Partner of Clemmie Hooper, famed author, midwife & blogger who have 4 daughters. A funny account of life being seriously outnumbered in his life and how he handles the 5 strong ladies in his life. Each image in his Instagram feed says 1000 words, facial expressions convey all and depicts accurately the fun and craziness of being surrounded by females. Well done Simon! A fab one to follow for mums and dads alike.

London Dad

A London dad currently residing in Bangkok, accidentally became an Insta-Dad when he started a feed to help his wife with her project and then became a project of his own! He now writes a blog and also organises a Dad's Breakfast club in London where like-minded dads can meet up with a hearty breakfast and natter while the mums lay win.

Aubrey McCoy

With a beautiful Instagram feed along with wife, James, Aubrey McCoy photographs things he likes combined with his gorgeous family (4 children) with subdued tones and oh so interesting Nashville backdrops, beards and motorbikes. A perfect meeting of masculine dad vibes. A super stylish one to follow. We Love!

Ties and Fries

A New York Dad with a great Instgram feed is Josh Davies, named Ties and Fries. Action, adventure and a bit of glamour from the Big Apple, this feed is wholesome family fun. We like the glimpse of NY life for a family of 4 and to add to the glamour, mum @taza is huge on Instagram as well! What a family to follow. 

Cody Weston Andrews

And now over to the East USA, LA Dad, Cody Weston Andrews is a GQ worthy type dad with his 3 kids. Uber styled and glamoured up Instagram feed show the movie star life :) They are spontaneous, outdoorsy and above all...very well photographed! He also runs a fashion blog Hello His. 

 Wishing all the dads a very Happy Fathers Day from The bonnie mob!