Meet Eve Kekeh, Founder of Bundlee, the baby clothes rental company.

by The Bonniemob on March 18, 2021
We chat to the amazing Eve Kekeh, founder of baby and kids rental clothing company Bundlee. We just love the ethos of what Eve has created, it's a fully sustainable way to access baby clothes.
You simply sign up for a subscription and have a wonderful bundle of baby clothes arrive to your door at each stage of your childs growth.
For obvious reasons, Eve has to buy the best quality, to make sure that the clothes can be worn over and over. The bonnie mob was an obvoius choice, with our 'buy once, buy well, pass it on' motto we were a perfect fit and personally I'm so happy to be on this journey with Eve as her business grows and develops.
So join me for a little Q&A with Eve
Tracey  xx ( designer and founder Bonnie mob)


Can you tell us a bit about Bundlee, what is it and how does it work?

Bundlee is the UK’s first baby clothing rental subscription, which is a new way to access baby clothes as they grow. Parents seeking a more sustainable and convenient approach, join our subscription. They rent bundles of premium clothes and simply swap as their baby grows. We professionally clean and sanitise returned rentals, ready for the next renting family to enjoy.

What was your inspiration for starting Bundlee?

Seeing my younger brother and sister outgrow their clothes so quickly! It felt like our home was suddenly overrun with mountains and mountains of outgrown baby clothes. Babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in their first 2 years, and seeing the amount of waste this led to made me think there had to be a better way.

I spent a year studying abroad in the US where I discovered Rent The Runway, a designer womenswear rental service. I loved being able to wear gorgeous new clothes without the guilt of hurting the planet or my purse. I realised applying the rental model to baby clothes made so much sense! It gives parents a way to get great quality clothes as their little one grows, whilst being kinder to the planet.

What is your background?
I spent a year researching the idea and getting feedback from hundreds of parents for my Masters degree. I got totally obsessed and ended up writing a 300 page thesis all about renting baby clothes! Even though this was super early in the the UK rental market, the results were really encouraging and led me to start Bundlee. 

What are the reasons for choosing the brands you work with?

The brands we partner with mirror Bundlee's sustainable values and create clothes that are made to last, so that they can be shared by lots of families. We love that The Bonnie Mob have always been champions of sustainable childrenswear, and your joyful prints make our team and the families who rent them smile! 

At the moment I’m sure there are questions over hygiene for rental clothes in the current pandemic,  Tell us more about your ‘ozone cleanliness’ and how the customer can feel safe with rental clothes?

We have always been very safety conscious, so professionally clean and sanitise clothes between rentals. We use Ozone sanitisation, which is an eco-friendly process that uses oxidation to kill bacteria and viruses. This process makes Bundlee’s clothes cleaner than any you could buy in a shop. And best of all - it creates zero waste!

Ozone sanitation of the baby rental clothes   stain removal of the baby clothes

What are the future plans for Bundlee?
There’s still so many parents that don’t know that rental is even an option. Our main goal this year is to spread the word, so that more families can experience the benefits of rental.

We are also growing out team and have a new way to rent currently in beta-mode, that will be launching in the next few months (so exciting!).

As you know, our motto is ‘buy once, buy well, pass it on’, it has been our mission since day one to ensure our clothes are made well, to be passed down and used over and over. We absolutely hate the idea of fast fashion, we love seeing family pictures of a 4th child still wearing a Bonnie mob garment that was bought for the first baby. How are our clothes holding up for the rental market?

The Bonnie Mob clothes are so well suited to rental, as they are super durable yet remain so soft! We now have clothes back that have been worn by one or two babies and it’s hard to spot the difference between pieces that have been rented and brand new ones. 
The Bonnie mob sleepsuit new versus wornthe bonnie mob bodysuit new versus worn
Can you tell which item is new and which has been rented out several times??? we can't?

What are your favourite pieces from the Bonnie mob, Spring Summer collection?

We are all in need of some joy in our lives, and The Bonnie Mob Spring Summer collection does just that! I love the sunshine sleepsuit! And the cute cactus collection has been super popular. 

I’m also still obsessed with the pea print from last season, and it’s great to see families still renting out and loving the ‘homegrown’ pea bodysuit. 
Eve with her favourite bonnie mob ppiece from SS21

As a business woman, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned since starting your business?
To involve your customers. Listen to them, ask them questions, find out what they like and don’t like, discover what they want more of. Our customers are our biggest advocates, we love to involve them in our development so we can make sure we are creating a service they will continue to love. 

If you would like to try Bundlee, you can use code BONNIE at to get your first month free. Join the Personalised Subscription to rent pieces from Our latest collection.