Our TOP 10 Kids Beach Holiday Essentials

by The Bonniemob on June 06, 2017
Beach Holiday Kids Essentials
It may be a touch gloomy, weather wise here in the UK, but we always have the holidays to look forward to! Beginning our 6 week countdown to the schools kicking out for the summer and we have rounded up our favourite beach items for kids of all ages, to keep the cool in the heat of the sun, having fun with the sand and sea and looking super cool all at the same time.
Clockwise from top left:
  • Sunnylife Underwater Camera - Because we all need underwater pictures! Available from
  • Green People High factor scent free SPF30 suitable for children with sensitive skin. Water Repellent, Scent-free and they give 30p to Marine Conservation with each one sold. Big tick in our book.
  • Scrunch Bucket  A cool little bucket which scrunches up to practically saving and light. A bucket you might actually try and keep hold of.
  • Little Life Beach Shelter for the whole family, it's compact and protects up to SPF 50. Great for Little toddler naps in the afternoon..or grown up ones!
  • Sunnylife A Watermelon inflatable beach ball. Uber cool. In fact we'd go as far as saying we think it's the best beach ball ever.
  • Beanie and Bear As bright as the sun, these fab unisex board shorts have made our short list. We love this British swimwear brand and hope to see more from them.
  • Zoobug A fabulous little range of baby and kids sunglasses to keep those babes looking cool and their little eyes shaded from the sun.
  • Project Jelly  These guys raise money for Mencap by selling these jelly shoes. We like them. We think you will too.
  • Subea For the over 10's..check out this snorkel mask. No more losing your snorkel and they look space age too.
  • The bonnie mob And last but not least, the kids need a SUNHAT. We love Dexy, our Organic cotton sunhat for all ages up to 7 and it has got little suns printed all over it!