Snow Dogs By the Sea

by The Bonniemob on October 18, 2016

We've probably mentioned it before, but we are so lucky to have The Bonnie mob HQ down in the sunny end of the UK, Brighton & Hove. It's such a vibrant, creative place which is a constant inspiration for our creative director,Tracey Samuel, and all our busy team. We all love it here, and especially so when beautiful ideas are thrown into our everyday lives. 

A great example of this is the utterly magical Snow Dogs by the Sea campaign by Martlets Charity. 

Martlets is a charity that cares for people living through a terminal illness in and around Brighton & Hove. 

The much-loved story of the Snowman and the Snowdog is a heartwarming tale for all ages. It's exploration of important themes of love, loss and hope; which are heavy themes that the good people at Martlets deal with every day. So to bring awareness and raise money, along with Wild At Art, there are 44 individually designed Snowdogs dotted around the Brighton & Hove Landscape. 

"Through an Open Call Out to Artists, Martlets invited local, regional and national artists, professional and amateur, famous and undiscovered, to submit designs. Designs were welcome in any art form – traditional to new media, fine art to illustrations, graffiti and mosaic, embroidery to metalwork. Whatever the art form, we were keen to add drama, fun and a creative flourish to Snowdogs by the Sea sculpture trail." 

The result? Endless joy as you walk through the streets and beach front of Brighton as someone spots a Snowdog, a visually inspiring introduction to art for children and a fun and healthy outdoors project for all the family on the hunt to see all the Snowdogs on the trail.

Download the App, wrap up super snug and be on your way! If you collect all the Snowdogs, you can win a prize...check out their website to find out what.

Here are a few pictures of our former Bonnie mob model, Edie, and Rhys Samuel, an original Mob member, collecting their Snowdogs...of course in their favourite mob uniform.

Splashhound - Snowdog by the Sea

 Nestled on New Road, by Brighton Dome, Theatre Royal and Unitarian Church we stumbled upon Splashhound, designed by our very close friends, Lawrence Art Supplies (who are our HQ neighbours!) A Snowdog that's fallen in a pool of paint!

Lola - Snowdogs By the Sea

This is Lola, designed by Graphic designer Deven Burke and inspired by Sunny Afternoon theme from a Kinks inspired musical. A bright yellow delight that you can find a little further down the same road.

Marty - Snowdogs by the Sea

Brighton seafront is a fabulous back drop for Marty this gorgeous blue sky dog. Look at that sparkling sea!

Mod Dog - Snowdogs by the Sea

One of our favourites, Mod be found in Churchill Square shopping centre. Of course, what conversation about Brighton would not contain it's relationship with the 1960's Mod culture. A hugely rich influence in the music and art scene here, and one that is massively evident and continually celebrated, it's what makes Brighton, Brighton.This Snowdog is designed by Brighton resident Steve Mason.

Norman Cook - Snowdog by the Sea

In Brighton, we simply cannot fit in any more celebrity residents! But one of the originals and most famous is our very much loved Norman Cook, aka Fat Boy Slim. In true style he has designed, along with RYCA, this absolute "Boomer" of a Snowdog, quite possibly the coolest Snowdog...and the loudest (it come set with a banging playlist!). Find Boomer in the Big Beach Cafe in Hove Lagoon, a gem of a children's park, skate park, watersports lagoon and yummy cafe owned by the DJ himself. Kids LOVE it here.

Snowdogs by the SEa

This is Max - The Royal Pavillion Snowdog. Designed by the brilliant Sarah Arnett, a local designer of fashion, prints and graphics in general. Intricate  floral and magical designs that are a feast for the eyes.

Smiley - Snowdogs by the Sea

This pretty little Snow dog is designed by Brighton resident, Sophy Henn who illustrates and writes children's books. Smiley is based on her work "Pass It On" an uplifting book about finding happiness in the little things in life. 

There are 44 Snowdogs. And no, we haven't seen them all! But here are a couple more that we will endeavour to find this autumn with the kids.

Bow Wow - Snow Dog by the Sea

Flower Snow - Dog by the Sea

 So there we have it, a delightful way to see Brighton & Hove and support Martlets, a cause that has affected so many of us. You can donate to them directly here: 

Text to donate: text SDOG16 £3 to 70070 

 ps. Edie is wearing our Neve Geometric Skirt and Mika Denim Bomber jacket