Coolest kids playgrounds worldwide

by The Bonniemob on November 07, 2016

Here at Bonnie mob HQ, we are all about play, play, play! And it's official, playing, is so important for children (and adults too!) it helps to develop a healthy brain and body...no more excuses needed. So this winter why not ditch your usual playgrounds and seek out some more quirky play areas, be in indoor or outdoor, look at these gems from around the world to give you some inspiration.

These are our favourite design-led childrens play areas!

Takino Suzuran National Park Playground / Hokkaido, Japan

Takino Suzuran National Park Playground

Wow. To be able to combine 2 great loves, playing AND crochet..this certainly is a feast for the eyes. Created by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, apparently took 3 years to crochet. There is not a child that would not enjoy this. So bright and magical!

Sculptural Playground / Wiesbaden, Germany

Wiesbaden, Germany - Annabau Designed Play Area

 This great looking climbing frame is designed by Anna Bau, Berlin based architect. The shape of the frame resembles the city's unusual shape. The frame itself is suspended and within it's central loop has another artificial landscape. Great design.

Zorlu Center playground /  Istanbul © Oguz Meric

These gorgeous pastels covering this imaginative kids playground in Istanbul are super easy on the eyes. Designed by the renowned Carve, who design bespoke spaces for play all over the world. This really is a fabulous place for all ages, with its gentle slopes, bigger hills and valleys, family slides and more. Just try and get us out of there once we are in! 

Zorlu Center playground© Oguz Meric

 The Crooked Houses / Brumbleby, Copenhagen (Monstrum)

Monstrum - Crooked Houses, Bumbleby: Copenhagen

So cool! As if we needed any reason to love Copenhagen even more, this area called Brumbleby is home to these ultra cute wonky houses for kids. Brumleby was awarded the Europa Nostras prize for its preservation and renovation. This imaginative little play area is designed to represent the quirkiness of the area and add interest as well. This design is truely magical and the kids are going to love it!

Zlatni Rat / Bol, Croatia 

 Wibit Sports GmbH- Zlatni Rat in Bol, Croatia, Kids water Park

 The sunshine and glistening waters are a huge factor here but this huge inflatable kids play zone floating on the waters off the coast of Croatia look like heaps of fun! Designed by architect Robert Cirjak for a German water-sports company WitBit Sports GmBH. They design lots of variations and apparently, this is one of at least 60 around the world.

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