Mob Meets: Zoë de Pass, Dress Like a Mum

by The Bonniemob on September 25, 2018

Zoë de Pass lives in Peckham, South East London, with her husband and three kids, who are 6, 4 and 3 months.

She is known for her popular Instagram account @dresslikeamum and also has a website DRESS LIKE A MUM. Zoe is also (slowly, she tells us!) launching a fashion and accessories brand called DLAM by Zoë de Pass. Watch this space!

We chatted to her about becoming a mother of three, where she gets her style inspiration from and how she plans to dress her kids for autumn/winter 2018…


 The gang is wearing twinning leopard outfits from The bonnie mob's new charity collection, 'Leopard With Love'. Shop Here >

Hi Zoë, congratulations on the arrival of your son, he’s beautiful! How have the first few months since his arrival been?

Thanks! The first few months have been OK, I’ve found the shock of two to three kids is way less than the shock of going from one to two. He has just fitted in with everyone! Life is business as usual and it feels like he has been here forever - even though it’s only been since May this year.

And what’s it like being a mum of three?

I still can’t believe I’m a mum of three kids! I love it – it can be very busy at times but also fun. One of the nicest things is watching the relationships between all the kids develop and how much the older ones love their baby brother.

Dress Like a mum discusses being a mum of 3

 The gang is wearing twinning leopard outfits from The bonnie mob's new charity collection, 'Leopard With Love'. Shop Here >

Have you slowed work down since your new baby arrived? And how are you managing to juggle everything?

Yes I’ve slowed things down a bit. As I work for myself I’ve had to keep it all ticking over but in a couple of months my husband is taking some shared paternity leave so I’m hoping to use that time to get stuck into some big plans and ideas!

We love following your blog and Instagram feed. What made you want to start Dress Like a Mum?

I started it back in 2015 for a few reasons. First of all, to show women what they could wear to breastfeed in, secondly to remind women that a good outfit can make for a better day and, finally, because ‘mum dressing’ was considered a negative term at the time. I wanted it to be seen as a positive one!

Dress Like a Mum Zoe de Pass and new baby

Zoe is wearing our new charity knit, SOLO MUM, and her gorgeous little one is in our new SHALAMAR playsuit

How did you get to where you are now?

Hard work and commitment – it has taken me nearly four years to get to this point, but I absolutely love it and still can’t believe its happening. It really is the best job ever and I feel so fortunate to be doing it.

We’re big fans of your colourful style, and we love how you’ve challenged the stereotype of mum dressing. Where do you get your wardrobe inspiration from?

Thanks. I get inspiration from all over and nowhere in particular at the same time...Often it’s the clothes themselves and the mood I’m in. I actually don’t spend that much time planning my outfits they all come together depending on what I feel like wearing that day. Obviously I get ideas and influences from Instagram and the media but, more often, I start with one item of clothing and then build the outfit around it.

And what do you look for when you’re shopping for outfits for your kids?

The main things are: comfort, quality and durability, but I also like them to wear fun, colourful clothes.

Zoe de Pass and family in twinning leopard sweaters

 The gang is wearing twinning leopard outfits from The bonnie mob's new charity collection, 'Leopard With Love'. Shop Here >

Do your older son and daughter still let you dress them? Or do they have strong opinions about what they will and won’t wear now?

My daughter in particular has her own views on what she will and will not wear. I have to respect them and let her go for it – it’s what I stand for after all. My son is quite easygoing but still knows what he likes and doesn’t.

What are your winter wardrobe staples for the kids?

Definitely a Bonnie mob zip cardigan - both kids have them and they are by far the most-worn item of clothing they have in their wardrobes, mainly because they are soft and cosy and I just know they’ll be warm.

As with all of our winter collections, AW18 at The bonnie mob has a big focus on beautifully-made knitwear. What do you look for when you buy your knits?

I want something that will last, is ethically and sustainably produced, is fun and colourful and, of course, is washable.

Which women’s brands are your favourites when you shop for knitwear for yourself?

There are so many - I love Jumper1234, Orwell and Austen, Chinti and Parker....

And finally, what are your favourite pieces from The bonnie mob AW18 collection? (Including knits!)

So much! For the baby, I love the GOOFY rainbow cardigan, DRE denim terry bomber jacket with star stitching, CHUCK grey star print playsuit with the rainbow applique, the cosy KIP hooded onesie and CARTER playsuit with the bunny asleep on the moon.


Then, for my son, I love the grey HERBIE paw print zip front hoodie and grey JONES bunny print knit cardigan, while my daughter loves the MISSY intarsia knit cat dress in pink, teamed with the matching NIKI pink cat socks!