by The Bonniemob on December 05, 2016

POLAR POST is the ‘official’ postal service of the North Pole, sending letters to and from Father Christmas, with the aid of a little Christmas magic. Remember to write yours before December 15th so that Father Christmas reads it on time!

A message from Father ChristmasBelieve envelopeRolly stamp
The 2016 Polar Post stamp, featuring ‘Roly the Polar Bear’, by Jessica Russell FlintHanging decorations
Paper artist Sarah Dennis’ letterhead

The envelope, which is engraved with Father Christmas’ secret address, evokes an old world charm that will delight children. Meanwhile, this year’s letterhead is illustrated by paper artist, Sarah Dennis and features a Polar Bear family hanging their garlands ready for Christmas.

Elves at the Polar Post Office have been remarkably busy lately and have just unveiled this year’s exclusive Christmas stamp, featuring ‘Roly the Polar Bear’ and created by artist and designer, Jessica Russell Flint. The First Class stamp comes attached to a collector’s postcard with instructions to children showing them how to send their written letter to the North Pole.

Letter to Santa

How it Works: Letter to Father Christmas

Visit the elves at www.polarpost.co.uk to purchase your stationery set including letterhead, pre-addressed envelope to the North Pole and First Class stamp. Write your letter to Father Christmas. Get out the glitter, put on some carols, make a mug of hot chocolate and compile that all-important list!

Children are then asked to leave their letters for Father Christmas before they go to bed. This can be beside the fireplace, on top of the Christmas tree or on a bedside table; anywhere that feels suitably magical!

In the morning, the letter will have vanished and been whisked off to the North Pole. Please note, the elves suggest parents find a VERY safe hiding place for letters so that they may be kept for posterity.

Stationary setBooks

After sending off your letter to Father Christmas, what could be more exciting than receiving a letter back? Written on his own special writing paper, with a coat of arms engraved in gold, this personalised letter is brimming with tales of adventures at the North Pole. Once Father Christmas has signed his letter, it is then hand-addressed by elves, before being stamped and franked with the North Pole seal. The finishing touch is added when elves emboss the letter with the one word that every child wants to hear in the build-up to Christmas Eve – that they have been NICE.

How it Works: A Letter Back From Father Christmas

Fill in your baby or child’s name, age, address and what they would like for Christmas at www.polarpost.co.uk. You can view a sample letter online.

Select a date when you would like Father Christmas to send out your baby or child’s letter – this can either be in the lead up to Christmas or on Christmas morning. The letter will arrive in the post inside a brown cardboard envelope marked ‘THIS IS AN ORDINARY AND BORING PARCEL’. Obviously, it’s anything but… Leave the letter in a place of your choice for it to be found by your child and watch their faces light up. Please note, blank stationery can be purchased online if parents would like to write their own letters.

Letter and birds nestBelieve letter extractCarrots for Santa

For 2016, Polar Post will offer a new range of luxury North Pole Hampers, which make a perfect Christmas Eve gift when filled with goodies like a new set of pyjamas and a classic book. They also provide a fun alternative to a Christmas stocking.


Christmas 2016 sees the launch of a range of bespoke North Pole Luggage Tags in deep sky blue – a perfect adornment to gifts from Father Christmas or fastened to a North Pole Hamper.

Teddy bear

Father Christmas has also introduced a series of ‘NICE’ rosettes in a rainbow of shades, which are personalised for each individual child.

RibbonsAddressing the envelopesReading the letterToy soldiersAddressed envelope


POLAR POST was launched in 2015 by Charlotte Wood, a mother and committed letter writer. In an age when letter writing is no longer in fashion, Polar Post strives to keep alive the devotion so many children still feel when it comes to writing their letters to Father Christmas. By cherishing this tradition, Polar Post hopes that these charmingly illustrated stamps, envelopes, letters and tags will become a wonderful childhood keepsake, celebrating a magical time of year, for years to come.