The Secrets Behind Our Softness

by The Bonniemob on May 07, 2019

Little ones’ skin is incredibly delicate. The chemicals and dyes used by many clothing manufacturers can cause skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes, not to mention skin conditions like eczema.

One of our most important priorities when we design a new piece of clothing is getting the fabric just right – making sure the softness is spot-on. We work closely with the factories who produce our collections to ensure that the texture of the fibres is as smooth as it can possibly be against sensitive skin. Our fabrics are also produced in a sustainable way (we use organic cotton wherever possible and never use harmful chemicals), so you can be sure that there are no nasties that could cause irritation.

You really have to feel it to believe it! Here is the science behind it…

The bonnie mob soft organic baby clothes

We're The Experts

Our founder Tracey Samuel is a self-professed ‘yarn geek’. She studied the art of making a fabric from scratch at the Glasgow School of Art and later, at Central Saint Martins. No yarn is used in a piece of The bonnie mob’s clothing without Tracey’s expert eye being cast over it. A yarn has to go through rigorous softness testing before it meets Tracey’s incredibly high standards.

Incredibly soft organic cotton knitwear for babies

No Nasty Chemicals

Clothing labels don’t have a list of ingredients, so what many of us don’t realise is that the fabrics used often contain nasty chemicals. Many clothing manufacturers use AZO dyes that are harmful to grown-ups’ health, let alone for little ones. We never use dangerous chemicals in the making of our clothes, so you can be sure that they are as kind as possible on delicate skin.

Soft, organic baby clothes great for sensitive skin

We're Natural & Organic

Many fabrics you’ll find on the high-street are made using synthetics (such as acrylic and polyester) and contain plastic. We use breathable, natural fabrics as much as possible, which are much gentler on little ones’ sensitive skin. All of the yarns used in our organic cotton baby clothes are GOTS certified, which is the strictest global standard for organic materials. When we are unable to source organic yarn, we use blended cotton yarns that have been approved by the Better Cotton Initiative. Our winter knitwear is a blend of cotton and cashmere (an ethical fibre by nature) and feels luxuriously soft. 

super soft organic baby clothes for sensitive skin

We've Got Staying Power

It is very important to us that our clothing stays soft, wash after wash, wear after wear. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and we don’t want to see our clothing end up in landfill. We test every yarn to make sure that you can wash it time and time again and your little one won’t complain that it’s become scratchy, itchy or rough. Because softness equals comfort, we make sure our fabrics are tested for maximum ability to roll, crawl and run around with ease.

luxuriously soft baby clothes for delicate skin



Lara Carvalho, founder of Bomull Baby (a stockist of The bonnie mob) on how our clothing helped with her daughter’s eczema...

My name is Lara and I am a proud mum of an amazing human being called Mia. When my daughter was only five weeks old, she developed what looked like a skin rash or allergy. It was initially on her face and neck and then it gradually spread onto other parts of her body. She cried a lot and so did I, because I knew that it was causing her a lot of discomfort and pain.

clothing to help babies with eczema

After many trips to the doctor, I was informed it was most likely atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema. Over time, lots of changes took place in our family life and I have found many brands with wonderful products that helped improved not only Mia’s skin condition but also my knowledge about the importance of buying with a conscience. Over time I realised that I was saving money, my daughter’s skin condition was far better and I was helping the environment, I was thrilled!

After discovering my daughter had eczema, I decided to find out everything I could about the chronic skin condition and ways to improve her quality of life. One of the first things I read about was how organic cotton clothes could help ease the discomfort caused by eczema. Cotton is a versatile material and it’s smooth and cool, it allows the skin to breathe and prevents overheating. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or genetic modification. This was how it all started. I ventured online to search for organic cotton clothes for my daughter and it didn’t take long until I came across ‘The bonnie mob’. My first impression whilst looking at the website was: WOW! The vibrant PRINTS, the clothes looked super comfortable and made out of certified organic cotton; I was really excited that I could dress my daughter in something that was beautiful, kind to her skin and the environment.

organic cotton baby clothes that are gentle on skin

I have been buying clothes for my daughter from The bonnie mob for over two years now. The quality is phenomenal, taking into account my daughter really gives them good use! She loves playing in the garden – it’s her favourite place, followed by the beach! She likes to find insects and eat tangerines.

Back in 2017, I moved to Portugal and perhaps inspired by the lovely weather, I had an idea. What if… yes, what if, I opened my own online shop and let other parents know about the products we use at home. High quality items from ethical, eco-friendly companies. Products that are durable, safe and sustainable. A couple of months into this idea and I am very excited to say that I have just recently launched my very own online shop - Bomull Baby (Bomull means cotton in Swedish and Norwegian).

Mia´s eczema is much better than it was, but it’s still there, it still causes her itchiness and discomfort although considerably less than before. I am so happy that I have made changes in our lives and thankful for all the amazing products I have found, because they helped improve Mia´s quality of life (and for me that means everything!). I’m really looking forward to selling The bonnie mob’s clothes in my online shop.

Thank you to everyone at The bonnie mob for being committed to sustainability since you launched in 2005. I really appreciate how you say on your website that it’s an ongoing project and that you are continually learning and adapting your designs and processes.

Check out Lara's online store >

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