Refugee Support - a charity supported by The bonnie mob

Our friend Paul Hutchings has recently given up his job to focus his time on the charity he founded ‘Refugee Support’ - a charity that works in partnership with the Greek military providing humanitarian support to two refugee camps in Alexandreia and Filippiada.

One of the key way the charity is making a difference, is by working to provide a few days accommodation away from the camp for new mums and their babies - giving them the space and time we all needed when we became mothers.

Refugee Support has helped four mums since the summer and have another 29 pregnant women in the camp at the moment. They are also working hard to make life a bit easier for the young kids in camp, building classrooms and playgrounds, to bring some much-needed normality into the lives of children who have gone through so much turmoil.

"We believe that everybody has a right to dignity and Europe is failing people who have fled war. We put dignity first and act quickly to improve refugees’ health, wellbeing and opportunities. And by spending locally, we also support local communities"

Babies and kids that have been helped by Refugee Support

What can I do? What can we do?

So how can I help? What can I do? I’m a knitwear designer - not a midwife or a doctor. I’m a big fan of Molly at Selfish Mother - with her brilliant slogan sweatshirts for mums. I asked Molly if she fancied doing a collaboration with me and the Bonnie Mob. The result is a collection of quality knitted sweaters and baby grows, celebrating MOTHER LOVE and helping to raise cash and increase awareness for Refugee Support charity and the amazing and dignified work they do.

The bonnie mob X Selfish Mother Charity MOTHER LOVE collection

Shop the collection now >

£20 from each sweater and £10 from each playsuit goes directly to the charity, helping bring a tiny bit of comfort to new mums and kids in need.

If you don’t want to buy a jumper or babygrow, no problem! The fact that you have read this and maybe feel a bit like I did is enough, so head over to and donate a few quid.

Or if you have skills that would be useful in a refugee camp, they are always looking for volunteers, find out more here

I’ll leave the last words to the amazing Paul Hutchings of Refugee Support:

"We rely totally on donations and unpaid volunteers to support people who have lost everything. With your generous support we can give the children and their parents in the camps where we work the help they need to get back on their feet." 

Refugee Support recently celebrated their 1st birthday and they it is truly inspiring what they have achieved in such little time. Find out all of their accomplishments here >

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