Womens 24 Hour Trouser, Lightweight 190, Denim Blue - The bonniemob

    Womens 24 Hour Trouser, Lightweight 190, Denim Blue

    RM874.00 MYR


      •  Foldable cuffs for extra length if needed. 

      Smalls technical soft Merino regulates body temperature, meaning no overheating by adapting to cool or warm environments. Smalls wicks moisture away from the skin, acting as a second skin for those with sensitivities. 

      • ETHICAL 'Responsible' Merino Wool
      • 100 % Merino - no hidden nasties, cheaper substitutes or green washing
      • Multipurpose garments, thoughtfully designed
      • Traceable, ZQ Certified Farms, New Zealand Merino
      • SOFT, Eczema healing
      • Italian Spun the only mill in the world with EMAS* certification for environmental practices,
      • Made at a family run makers in Portugal
      • Multi award winning British Brand with a special kiwi connection
      • 17.5 micron, denser superfine knit for durability and skin love. 
      Merino has been scientifically proven to give you 15min extra sleep a night, this weight is perfect for that.

      Modelled by professional dancer Lilly Wills, Photographed by Tatiana Wills - read our lockdown love story here.

        (see size chart for more details)


      All bonnie mob garments are machine washable at 30 degrees, unless otherwise stated on the garment label.

      We recommend that you do NOT tumble-dry bonnie mob products. The heat from tumble-drying can cause fading, shrinkage, and may reduce the lifespan of the garment's quality. Any products that can be tumble-dried will indicate so on their care label.