Fashion Revolution Day - Do you know who made your clothes?

by The Bonniemob on April 24, 2015


Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the very sad event of the Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh where 1133 people lost their lives. April 24th is Fashion Revolution day. It’s easy to let such a horrific event slip from our minds as life continues, but out of respect, Fashion Revolution Day tries to keep this memory alive and strive to influence more change in this industry. For the good of all those who work to produce our clothes, we must choose the path of respect and humanity.

Bonnie baby have an extremely close relationship with all our suppliers in China. For many years now, China has imposed a minimum wage along with stringent safety and workers rights laws. Gone are the days where “Made in China” was the cheapest choice. Sadly, it has meant that the high street brands of a lower price bracket have been forced to seek production from countries which have more relaxed rules.

This means that clothes made in fairer factories, whichever country that may be, will always have a higher price tag. This isn’t just for fashion, it’s a reality in all industries. How can we expect a factory to produce a T-shirt that after its move down through the supply chain will still cost £2? We're afraid we just do not want to admit and be reminded that someone along this chain is getting exploited and chances are, it’s not the brand.

So that’s the choice that Bonnie baby made back in 2005 when we started. We chose the higher quality production in fair conditions. Our suppliers follow SEDEX (a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving conditions in the global supply chain), we visit them regularly to see for ourselves and encourage as much global change as possible. To raise awareness today, we wanted to introduce some of the amazing people who help to make our clothes.

fashion revolution - who made your clothes - the bonniemob factory
Meet Mr Hon, the amazing Si-fu master of all things knit at our factory in Hong Kong (we’d love to divulge exactly which one but we value them so much, we aren’t up for sharing their skills with any other brand!) We design it, he works it out, and then knits it. What would we do without him..thank you Mr Hon!

bonniemob factory workers showing who made your clothes for fashrev

Meet Mei, Man and Lai from our T-Shirt factory in Zhongshan.

 fashion revolution week, bonniemob factory workers

I think you get the idea, we are as transparent as we can be without giving away our trade secrets! We are proud to be working with our suppliers and the high quality garments they produce help strengthen our brand motto, Buy once, buy well and pass it on.

So we know who makes you know who make your clothes? #FASHREV #JOINTHEREVOLUTION
fashion revolution 2015, who made your clothes

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So, as we are all about the revolution today, we peered into the inside labels of our team and have been asking our favourite brands the exact same question.

    the bonniemob supporting fashion revolution week

So far, Whistles have tweeted back that they are looking into it! Good on them!