BOBUX X THE BONNIE MOB SS20 Collection. Interview with Tracey, founder of The bonnie mob

by The Bonniemob on March 24, 2020

bobuxInterview with Tracey Samuel, founder of The bonnie mob.

We teamed up with our friends at New Zealand soft sole shoe brand Bobux to bring some new playful shoe styles to our spring summer collection, capturing the brands’ shared values of craftsmanship, quality and excellence. Read on to hear about the inspiration behind the collaboration and latest collection, and why were so keen to work with Bobux again.

Following the success of our BOBUX X BONNIE MOB collaboration last year, how do you think the first collection when down with your customers?

Our customers LOVED it, they felt it was an easy add on to our existing offer and a great way to make up a full outfit gift set. Sales went really well and they returned for more.


Did your customers embrace matching their soft soles with their outfits?

Absolutely, that was the key element, take this seasons Leopard spot or Bee Soft Soles, they almost make you shout ‘Awwwwee” when you see them worn together with a matching babygrow. I loved doing the photoshoot with the babies, when we added the Soft Soles to the look, the babies took on an almost cheeky air, desperately trying to walk or grab their feet to show them off!

leopard spot baby shoe  leopard spot baby shoe bee shoes

Customers are loving the SS20 theme ‘lazy hazy summer days’ – tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this?

It was inspired from a family trip to Sri Lanka in 2018, where we travelled the amazing country, between the rain splashed tea plantations and lush forests, to the safari where we spotted lazy leopards and elephants, then finally resting on a yoga and surf retreat on the south coast of the island for a bit of relaxation. You’ll find prints inspired by the lazy leopards we saw dozing on tree branches on our safari, the lush green leaves of the rainforest up in the mountains and the muted rainbows and clouds of the tea plantation hazy mornings.

Can you tell us a bit about the design process involved in creating the prints and the colour palette you chose – from ice lolly, spring rainbow and leaf to cloud, bumble bee and spotty?

The greens are inspired from the jungles, but I softened them to an ‘Aloe’ colour to feel more zen! The bumblebee was a favourite, and an insect I’ve wanted to feature for a while, we need to look after our bees, so what better than celebrate them in a print. The Rainbow is a signature Bonniemob look, our collection wouldn’t be the same without a traditional rainbow look!

rainbow shoe  bee print baby romper


All the designs in the ‘Bobux X Bonniemob’ collection are so playful – do you have a favourite?

My favourite is the Leopard spot shoe, I love the big eyes, they are so fun and happy, they make me smile every time I see them on little feet!

Like Bobux, The Bonniemob is a family run business, founded on family values with a brand design ethos of ‘letting kids be kids’. We’re loving your current season hashtag #mob_rules – tell us a bit about the philosophy of The bonnie mob?

We believe in kids being kids, playing, running and being comfy in the clothes is a must. We believe that clothes should last, we absolutely hate the idea of fast fashion, our clothes are made to last and be passed down to other siblings and friends, we love hearing of customer stories where our knits are being worn by the 3rd or even fourth sibling! #buyoncebuywellpassiton is our motto.

Running a business has its ups and downs – what would you say has been the toughest lesson you’ve learnt along the way and what has been the most joyous?

Trust your gut! Along the way you’ll meet people who’ll offer their take on what you’re doing, it could be the best idea in the world or it could be the worst, learn to tune in to your inner voice and go with what feels right for you.

Most joyous moments have been seeing my designs in stores like Selfridges London, or in our flagship store in Hong Kong, it feels a long way from the back bedroom we started out in!

lolly soft sole baby shoe bee shoe leaf baby shoe

rainbow baby shoe rainbow baby shoes cloud soft sole baby shoe