Really Simple Easter Decorating with Cotton Clara

by The Bonniemob on April 18, 2019

Chloe Hardisty lives in Loughborough with her husband Chris and two sons, Eric (5) and Herbie (6). She runs Cotton Clara designing and making simple embroidery kits for adults and kids. We asked Chloe for her Easter decorating tips, read more below…

Cotton clara's Easter decor

Chloe's sons, Eric and Herbie

I love decorating for Easter, probably more than I love decorating for Christmas! I’m much more of a spring person, so the colours and light suit me better. We’ve always been a family who love to celebrate an occasion and my mum has always gone all out at Easter, decorating the house – with the Easter breakfast table always being the pinnacle! Her mum was Belgian and so she grew up eating good chocolate (chocolate sandwich anyone? Literally, a bar of Cote d’Or chocolate in a sliced baguette!). Easters spent in Belgium ingrained in her the joy of decorating for Easter, filling the dining room table with chocolate eggs, presents and decorations.

kids easter decor ideas
Herbie wears DRE kids star stitch denim bomber jacket

So I come from a rich heritage of Easter decorators, and I can’t let the side down! But the stage of life we are in usually means we’re visiting family for Easter. This year we’ll be in Weymouth at Chris’s parents, enjoying some sea air and their wonderful hospitality! But I still feel the need to decorate, albeit in a smaller way than if we were spending the weekend here.

Easter decorations from Cotton clara

So how to decorate for Easter without blowing the budget and involving the children? Life is busy for me at the moment, managing my growing business and looking after two energetic boys, so I need to keep it simple. 

Easter craft ideas from cotton clara

I had in mind my colour scheme of mustard, lilac, teal and peach before I ordered a pack of paper baubles from Ebay, some pom poms, various shades of velvet ribbon and got stitching some of my own Easter tree decorations, which can be made from age 5 upwards. I’d found some perfect twigs a few months back and stored them in the shed so I made these secure with some sand in one of my big vases from Hema (similar here). All of this for not much over a tenner.

Cotton clara's simple Easter decor ideas

Eric wears MATISSE kids motif print cotton hoodie

The paper baubles come ready to hang. The pom poms – I just sewed a length of thread through the middle with a needle to create a loop to hang and the ribbon is just cut into strips and tied onto the twigs… really simple and easy for children to help with. The rest of the decorations are from our Easter box that gets put away every year, usually with a few extra purchases in it.

Easter decorating for kids

Eric wears MATISSE kids motif print cotton hoodie

You could use the same materials to decorate the Easter table, scatter paper baubles and pom poms, tie napkins with velvet ribbon and around jars with candles in – and you have a perfectly simple, but perfectly spring-like Easter table setting.

Easter crafts that kids can do

The boys loved getting involved and LOVED wearing their new Bonnie mob jackets and t-shirts. I usually struggle to get them in anything other than their favourite Pokemon t-shirt, but they loved the fun graphics and everything passed the comfort test which is high on their agenda!

Cotton clara's easter decor ideas

Cotton clara easter crafts

Shop the full Cotton Clara crafts range for loads of brilliant Easter craft ideas, and check our the Instagram page for inspiration.


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