Star Gazing Top Tips for Kids

by Aye Mya Oo on August 22, 2016

We are currently star crazy here at the Bonnie mob HQ!

Not only has there been some awesome meteor showers recently, we have just launched our autumn winter 16 baby & kids clothing collection, Journey North which features some pretty spectacular constellations. We are feeling the magnetic pull of the Polar North! 

Nothing is more awe inspiring, for both kids and grown-ups alike, than spending some serious time staring up at a twinkly night sky. It brings with it a feeling of magic, curiosity and can spark a lifelong interest in the universe and beyond. Why not get your kids into star gazing this summer?

3 amazing facts about stars to get the kids interested >

Did you know:

  • Our Sun is actually a star.
  • Nearly all of the stars that you see in the night sky are BIGGER and BRIGHTER than our Sun.
  • When you see the light from any star, it could have taken millions of years for it to reach our eyes, and so star gazing is actually looking back in time.

Yes, star gazing is mind boggling stuff. Want to find out more? Why not check out these super observatories where you can feed the minds of those mini astronomers and future Brian Cox's...

>> The Royal Observatory - Greenwich, London, UK
Where your children can stand on the actual Prime Meridian Line, learn about Black Holes, take a closer look at Venus in daytime sky watching or touch a 4 billion year old meteorite. They have so much fun stuff for kids to do, even if you were taking them to see the huge telescope, that's probably enough to get their minds exploring the possibilities of star gazing!

Royal Observatory, Greenwich London

>> The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux, UK
This little gem is an interactive hands-on science centre which has been operating in the former home of The Royal Greenwich Observatory since 1995.  Outside of the capital, nestled in the less light polluted area of Sussex, it was moved here from London in 1958. It continues to be a hub for exploration and star gazing. 
They have interesting kids workshops regularly for ages 6-9 and 11-13 years old during the summer holidays as well as regular daily activities for visitors.

Science Observatory Herstmonceux

>> Kielder Observatory, Northumberland, UK
Again, away from the smoggy skies of the city, this observatory tucked away in the Kielder Forest has some of the darkest skies in the Europe and therefore gives way to the most illuminating sparkly skies. It's right on the Scottish border and was built primarily so it could teach all us budding astronomers about the night sky and it's accompanying mysteries.The events calendar on their website is chocked full of kids activities, Shooting Star Spectacular workshops, Aurora Nights and Night Sky Safari's. Open right through to the wee hours so you and the night owl kids get a true experience of a sky unhindered by light pollution. Beautiful!

Kielder Observatory

And if your diary is too packed to get to these amazing star attractions but you want to still get in with the "Night Sky" trend, instead, you can kit your kid out with our spectacular constellation hand drawn prints to get your fix.

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Happy Gazing mini astronomers!

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