Tulleys Farm - Spooktober Fest

by Aye Mya Oo on October 19, 2015

At The bonnie mob HQ, we LOVE Halloween. Perfect opportunity to wrap up warm and head to the scariest place we could think of. So we joined forces with Kirsti from MADLIFE  and took sprogs to Tulley's Farm, famous Spooktober Fest. Having not been before, mob models, Edie and Nelson, had no idea what to when we parked up and walked towards the eerie sounding music at the entrance, the kids were clutching my hand just that little bit tighter.

tulleys farm halloween event for kids
I told you I was sick - Tulleys farm

For 2 weeks of every year, Tulleys Farm gets transformed into a huge Halloween attraction. And nothing is held back in terms of decorations here. Every tiny nook and cranny has cobwebs, spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, scarecrows, name it, they have got it. Derelict cars dotted around were my personal favourite!

Luckily, going on the first day that it opened, there was room and space to explore and take our time. The simplest things are normally the most fun for the kids, as the trampolines and bouncy pumpkin were stamped on to death...they could have stayed on those all day.

trampolines for kids at tulleys farm
Trampolines Tulleys Farm

But we did manage to drag them away to have a go at the other attractions. A huge corn maze which towered above all our heads was ace. The kids were actually worried about getting lost and around every other corner waited ghastly scene after ghastly scene (*for kids!).

kids at tulleys farm spooktober fest
Pumpkin paintball - Tulley's Farm

No sooner had we been spouted out of the maze, we get the chance to fire sweetcorn and baby pumpkins at derelict cars with catapults and air guns. Very very loud, hence the ear protectors but again, kids could have done that all day. If you wanted to sit for a while, you had a choice of a few barns converted into mini theatre spaces, each with their own plays and shows on loop. All the acts were super interactive and really involved the kids...Nelson even did a little catwalk show with his skeleton outfit and was graced with a Scream Team certificate!

Wandering around the site, there are numerous eateries with all the usual festival fare and you can bump into spooky characters Scruffles the Scarecrow and Wolfgang the werewolf while you munch on your hog roast sandwich by the bonfire. Particularly menacing is the extra tall skeleton looming over us on stilts, freaked my little skelly out instantly.

Lastly to mention the Horrid Hayride, tractor ride...seems innocent enough. NOT TO BE MISSED! That's all I should say about it's absolutely not what you think.

tulleys farm kids halloween event
Haunted-House - Tulleys Farm
tulleys farm sussex shoctober fest
Double-decker-bus - Tulleys farm
shoctober fest at tulleys farm
Tully's Farm Passbook - A little guide to get you around

We say, if you are anywhere near the south east of the UK, go check this out.

And wrap up warm! It's all outside: Here is what Edie wore for her Bonnie Day Out:

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