The Adventures of Lara & Luther

by The Bonniemob on October 07, 2016

Yippee! We’ve Joined The Bonnie Mob Gang!

We, Lara and Luther, are proud to be brand ambassadors for The Bonnie Mob. We are based in Brighton and very pleased to be part of the local tribe!

I love autumn, and especially October. Now that the evenings are getting darker, the leaves are changing colour and there is a freshness in the air, I can really get excited about the change in season. Recently we packed our hats, coats and boots and had a lovely family trip to The West Country, taking in autumnal Somerset, Devon and Dorset on our adventures. 

family on the beach wrapped up warm and cosy in bonniemob hat

I love being able to introduce Luther to new things in the countryside. He loves trees and looks around in delight as the leaves move and rustle. In fact, I have only got to hand him over to my mum for her to walk him round the garden and he drops off to sleep within ten minutes - it must be the calming green colour and the cosy Granny effect! 

autumn leaves

baby Luther wrapped up in Grandma's arms and in his bonniemob Elky hat and Maverick dungarees

leaves of autumn

On our last trip to Somerset, he met an impressively large frog who was having an evening hop outside our cottage door; and, on a very early morning rise, we saw a kingfisher perched on the fence by the pond. It is such a gorgeous bird and it feels a privilege to see one. 

baby luther in his bonniemob elky hat and busker playsuit

Luther also got to enjoy a stay at Bovey Castle on Dartmoor, and got to see some birds of prey close up at the morning display at the hotel.

antique sundial

We took a trip to windy Charmouth on a fossil hunting expedition (Luther was hoping to see a dinosaur but they were all hiding). It was high tide and Luther was shrieking with delight as the salt spray landed on his face and the seagulls fought their way past him into the wind. Seeing his joy at nature makes me enjoy it even more!

mum Lara and baby Luther wrapped up warm on the beach

He is now pulling himself up to stand using anything he can and I know he will be a wild and free spirit. I am looking forward to all the adventures to come…

Luther want's a bear hug!

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