Tracey's Mother's Day wishlist

by Tracey Samuel on March 01, 2016

Another year and my 10th mother's day approaches. As my kids are getting older I can look forward to breakfast in bed and some real pampering! I thought I'd put together a hit list of my top 'wants' for Mothers day, so lets see what makes it onto the breakfast tray on Sunday....

mothers day wishlist gift ideas

I've been wearing my 'Mother' hoodie from Selfish Mother all winter and it's been my go to slouchy, cosy garment of choice, so time for an update; the 'Winging it' sweatshirt is perfect and I'm sure my kids will see the irony! Pair that with the new "The Mother Book" to keep me amused and remind me that I am sane and normal.

I'm a big fan of 'Iris de la Torre' and her wonderful jewellery, I accosted a lady on the plane on our way to Barcelona at Christmas to ask her where she had got her gorgeous necklace, so if one of these were to find its way around my neck on mothers day I would be VERY happy.

I've been searching for the 'perfect bag' all winter, and think I may have found it with the Marc Jacobs, new 'Recruit' bag, I'm cheating as I already managed to buy myself one when we were in New york last month for Playtime New York. I can verify that it is in fact a perfect bag, you can wear it cross body, it's not too big, but fits all the essentials, has nice chunky zips and lots of pockets and was a steal at $350!! A new white monochrome Moleskine sketchbook will fit nicely inside too.

Add on top some perfume a new red lippy and some salted caramel almonds and I will be a very happy mama......

p.s. I'm not expecting all of that, its a wish list that may take a while to achieve, but one can dream......

Happy Mother's Day!

Love Tracey X

  1. 'Mother' and 'Winging it' sweatshirts from Selfish Mother - £45 each
  2. Daisy necklace from Iris De La Torre - £70
  3. Dark salted caramel almonds from Hotel Chocolat - £5.50
  4. White personalised moleskin notebook from Moleskine - £10.95
  5. Recruit small saddle bag by Marc Jacobs - $375
  6. Sheer Lip colour in Pink Blossom by Bobbi Brown - £20
  7. Wild Strawberry & Parsley fragrance by Jo Malone - £44
  8. 'The Mother Book' by Selfish Mother - £10