This season we’ve felt the magnetic pull of the Polar North!

Join ‘the mob’ on an epic adventure via the wild forests of Canada and the snowscapes of Alaska, to the icy Arctic circle where the moon meets the horizon in a twinkling winter wonderland.

Do you dare to hug a hibernating grizzly bear? Build a snow-den with a sleepy polar bear? Or take a trek to find the elusive Arctic fox, to earn your ‘Bear Patrol badge’? Maybe you’d prefer to bring your telescope and look up to the magical constellations, take a peek at the planets and spot a shooting star or two   for your ‘Star Gazer’ award.

Whatever happens, you’re guaranteed to be super cosy, wrapped up in our vintage inspired knits, fleecy embroidered sweatshirts and quirky organic cotton hand-drawn prints. It’s all about the layers!

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