Our super soft eco denim for babies and kids, has been printed to ensure it's safe against your little ones skin. Printed onto a stretchy GOTS organic cotton base fabric, this ground breaking technique uses 90% less water than traditional Denim production and has zero nasty dyes that can be harmful to the environment & to health. It's so comfortable to wear!


Mullet - Beach Hut Denim Bubble Romper

22,900.00 AMD

Miso - Beach Hut Denim Sun Hat

13,900.00 AMD

Mermaid - Beach Hut Denim Dress With Pocket

25,900.00 AMD

Mavericks - Beach Hut Denim Shorts

19,900.00 AMD

Marlin - Beach Hut Denim Hoodie

29,500.00 AMD

Southsea - Sunshine Shorts

15,700.00 AMD19,900.00 AMD

Shore - Sunshine Dress With Pockets

18,700.00 AMD23,500.00 AMD

Selsey - Sunshine Sun Hat

9,100.00 AMD15,100.00 AMD

Seaside - Sunshine Bubble Romper

18,100.00 AMD22,900.00 AMD

Salcombe - Sunshine Hoodie

25,300.00 AMD31,900.00 AMD