Best selling knitted sweaters and cardigans for babies and toddlers, All of our knitwear is made using fully fashioned machines, this gives superior quality knit and reduces waste. Made from GOTS certified cotton or Organic Cotton / Cashmere blends, making for the softest  baby knits on the market!


Goby - Emerald Waves Cardigan

FBu. 99,000FBu. 198,000

Goby - Pink Waves Cardigan

FBu. 106,000FBu. 198,000

Flounder - Clementine Fish Cardigan

FBu. 97,000FBu. 198,000

Flounder - Blue Fish Cardigan

FBu. 99,000FBu. 198,000

Barnacle - Rainbow Pink Stripe Cardigan

FBu. 175,000FBu. 198,000

Barnacle - Rainbow Stripe Cardigan

FBu. 171,000FBu. 198,000

Sandy - Yellow Beach Hut Towelling Hoodie

FBu. 111,000FBu. 221,000

Sandy - Pink Beach Hut Towelling Hoodie

FBu. 111,000FBu. 221,000

Marlin - Rainbow Grid Hoodie

FBu. 106,000FBu. 226,000

Marlin - Beach Hut Denim Hoodie

FBu. 106,000FBu. 226,000

Manta - Rainbow Grid Sweatshirt

FBu. 99,000FBu. 198,000

Twix - Honey Bear Jaquard Knit Cardigan

FBu. 97,000FBu. 304,000

Treacle - Honey Bear Intarsia Sweater

FBu. 97,000FBu. 244,000

Treacle - Grey Bear Intarsia Sweater

FBu. 88,000FBu. 244,000

Sherbet - Green Apple Knit Sweater

FBu. 83,000FBu. 198,000

Rolo - Teal Chunky Checker Cardigan

FBu. 97,000FBu. 318,000

Rolo - Pink Chunky Checker Cardigan

FBu. 102,000FBu. 299,000

Pez - Denim Sweetie Sweatshirt

FBu. 74,000FBu. 180,000