Our Designer Tracey is a self confessed 'knit geek', there's nothing we don't know about making quality knitwear. We only use the best GOTS certified cotton and cashmere yarns and work with the best factories to make beautiful fully fashioned baby and kids knits that will last to be passed down to another little one. Buy Once, buy well, Pass it On....


Bubble Frill - Rainbow Pink Rainbow Stripe Romper

157.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Bubble - Rainbow Rainbow Stripe Romper

144.00 GEL170.00 GEL

Bay - Red Knitted Sun Dress

114.00 GEL214.00 GEL

Bay - Rainbow stripe Knitted Sun Dress

114.00 GEL196.00 GEL

Barnacle - Rainbow Pink Stripe Cardigan

166.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Barnacle - Rainbow Stripe Cardigan

162.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Guppy - Pink Waves Knitted Shortie

127.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Guppy - Emerald Waves Knitted Shortie

114.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Gull - Pink Waves Knitted Romper

101.00 GEL166.00 GEL

Gull - Emerald Waves Knitted Romper

92.00 GEL166.00 GEL

Goby - Pink Waves Cardigan

122.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Goby - Emerald Waves Cardigan

114.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Gale - Pink Waves Baby Blanket

109.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Gale - Emerald Waves Baby Blanket

101.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Flounder - Clementine Fish Cardigan

92.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Flounder - Blue Fish Cardigan

96.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Flipper - Clementine Fish Knitted Shortie

96.00 GEL188.00 GEL

Flipper - Blue Fish Knitted Shortie

96.00 GEL188.00 GEL