Brilliant baby and toddler dungarees that stay on! Made from Organic GOTS certified cotton these baby overalls are super comfy. Our Jumpsuits make the perfect alternative to a baby or Toddler dress, with fun prints and frill sleeves.



Malkie - Multicolour Acorns Dungaree

RM125.00 MYRRM285.00 MYR

Malkie - Denim Stars Dungaree

RM110.00 MYRRM230.00 MYR

Lizzie - Thistle Jumpsuit With Frill Shoulder

RM105.00 MYRRM255.00 MYR

Lizzie - Stars Jumpsuit With Frill Shoulder

RM130.00 MYRRM255.00 MYR

MONDRIAN - Rainbow Sunnies Jumpsuit

RM83.00 MYRRM225.00 MYR

MONDRIAN - Aqua Seashell Jumpsuit

RM77.00 MYRRM225.00 MYR

MONDRIAN - Lemon Jumpsuit

RM89.00 MYRRM225.00 MYR

CAMPFIRE - Denim Rainbow Sunset Dungaree

RM89.00 MYRRM255.00 MYR

SILVER - Grey Denim Shooting Star Kids Dungaree

RM71.00 MYRRM230.00 MYR

SILVER - Blue Denim Rainbow Shooting Star Kids Dungaree

RM71.00 MYRRM230.00 MYR