Sustainable baby girl clothes aged 0-24 months. GOTS certified Organic cotton cute baby dresses, baby sunhats, soft baby knitwear, baby onesies, rompers, baby hats and baby blankets.  Baby gift sets, The perfect newborn baby gift for a girl.
Super soft organic cottons for summer & cashmere blend baby knits will keep them cosy in winter till they are toddlers. 

Baby Girl Clothes

PLAZA - 'Big Squeeze' Lemon T-Shirt

Db 260,000.00Db 837,600.00

PITCH - Lemon Bloomer Shorts

Db 375,500.00Db 722,100.00

PIERRE - Hooded Pink Cherries Blanket

Db 548,800.00Db 1,097,600.00

PENINSULA - Pink Cherries Turban Style Hat

Db 173,300.00Db 519,900.00

PENINSULA - Blueberry Turban Style Hat

Db 144,500.00Db 519,900.00

PARKLIFE - Lemon Sun Hat

Db 433,300.00Db 548,800.00

PARADOR - Pink Cherries Simple Shorts

Db 404,400.00Db 808,800.00

PALAZZO - Pink Cherries Hareem Pant

Db 288,900.00Db 722,100.00

MONDRIAN - Lemon Jumpsuit

Db 664,300.00Db 1,126,500.00

MIRA - Pink Cherries Summer Dress

Db 606,600.00Db 1,126,500.00

MAYA - Lemon Frill Shoulder Dress

Db 751,000.00Db 1,126,500.00

MOTEL - Rainbow Sunnies Playsuit

Db 317,800.00Db 1,126,500.00

SQUIRT - New Rainbow Sunnies UV Legionnaires Sun Hat

Db 531,500.00Db 664,300.00

SQUIRT - Pink Cherries UV legionnaires Sun Hat

Db 548,800.00Db 664,300.00

SPRAY - Rainbow Sunnies UV Swim Shorts

Db 531,500.00Db 664,300.00

SPLASH - Rainbow Sunnies UV Rash Top

Db 762,500.00Db 953,200.00

SPLASH - Pink Cherries UV Rash Top

Db 762,500.00Db 953,200.00

SOAK - New Pink Cherries UV Swim Knickers

Db 647,000.00Db 808,800.00