High quality, fun and unique designs for girls aged 2-7 years, including organic cottons kids knits. These sustainable childrens clothes are machine washable and designed to be long lasting, made for running, playing & climbing - for a mini explorer

Girls Collection

RAFFLES - Watermelon Applique Dress

Db 402,400.00Db 1,293,400.00

PLAZA - 'Big Squeeze' Lemon T-Shirt

Db 258,700.00Db 833,500.00

PLAZA - Pink 'Cherry Love' T-Shirt

Db 316,200.00Db 833,500.00

PARKLIFE - Lemon Sun Hat

Db 431,100.00Db 546,100.00

PARKLIFE - Pink Cherries Sun Hat

Db 431,100.00Db 546,100.00

PARADOR - Lemon Simple Shorts

Db 517,400.00Db 804,800.00

PARADOR - Blueberry Simple Shorts

Db 287,400.00Db 804,800.00

PALAZZO - Lemon Hareem Pant

Db 488,600.00Db 718,500.00

PALAZZO - Pink Cherries Hareem Pant

Db 287,400.00Db 718,500.00

MONDRIAN - Lemon Jumpsuit

Db 661,100.00Db 1,120,900.00

MIRA - Pink Cherries Summer Dress

Db 603,600.00Db 1,120,900.00

SQUIRT - New Rainbow Sunnies UV Legionnaires Sun Hat

Db 528,900.00Db 661,100.00

SQUIRT - Pink Cherries UV legionnaires Sun Hat

Db 546,100.00Db 661,100.00

SPRAY - Rainbow Sunnies UV Swim Shorts

Db 528,900.00Db 661,100.00

SPLASH - Rainbow Sunnies UV Rash Top

Db 758,800.00Db 948,500.00

SPLASH - Pink Cherries UV Rash Top

Db 758,800.00Db 948,500.00

SAVOY - Monochrome Smiley Face T-Shirt

Db 287,400.00Db 718,500.00

ROCKNESS - Watermelon Applique T Shirt

Db 517,400.00Db 948,500.00